Routines & Vacations

Routines & Vacations

Travel and spontaneity go seemingly hand-in-hand. One ignites the other, enhanced by the onslaught of social media posts and updates, peppered with hashtags such as #travel #lovetravel #livetotravel #adventure and #adventureandme.

Yet, how spontaneous are we on vacation? Do we masquerade to our friends, family and followers that we’ve just nonchalantly come across a vintage kombi and are now travelling down the Californian coast? No destination, just adventure in sight.

Alternatively, are we backpacking throughout Europe, stopping at the occasional hostel and joining forces with other likeminded travelers en route to rural Spain? Or Italy, or France for that matter.

As we are to believe, our 20s are for spurts of youthful spontaneity, and it should be said that it doesn’t occur during the mundane 9-5. Rather, this spontaneity is firmly ingrained within our travel escapades.

However, while we may appear to be the impulsive wanderluster, exactly how spontaneous are we? Rather, do we find a favourite local, go back to it religiously, park our towel in the same spot and never venture too far from the fold all week.

Guilty, as charged.

While I have been known to backpack solo, live in the Indian Ooty Mountains with the Todas tribe, cross the great expanse of Australian central desert and travel throughout Spain on the back of a motorbike – ‘twas not to be on this trip to Sicily.

Rather, we found a local trattoria that served the most insanely fresh and delicious seafood. We went once and couldn’t surpass the chance to return every night.

By day, we explored the local and secluded beaches and coves, yet soon found our haven: Scala Dei Turchi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and uniquely striking. Think: the crystal-clear azure ocean lined by a dramatic white rock formation. It was picturesque, secluded and all ours, for seven days at least.

There’s a time and a place for spontaneous travel and alas, this was not the time. But, there’s something comforting and stirring about foreign routine. The knowledge that your favoured coffee stop will always cater to your 11am caffeine fix. Additionally, you’re always ensured a wonderful and fulfilling meal punctuated with local flavour and delectable wine. And you come to view your spot by the tranquil ocean as your daily refuge. A place where you can gather and rest your thoughts and take stock of your life.

For, there’s something so ordinarily beautiful in the prosaic. Rarely do we get a chance to indulge in our everyday systematic fancies, why not then on holiday?

We ate/ At Sapori di Mare, located at the foot of Scala Dei Turchi. A local gem that guarantees wonderful, fresh seafood and great service.

We drank / Local vino bianco, with the occasional limoncello thrown in for good measure.

By day / Scala Dei Turchi. We discovered a secluded corner and returned everyday.

By night / Dinner and people watching around the port. A lively and eclectic collection of locals stayed out every night until 3am.


Catherine McMaster
Editor | Writer | Content Producer Editor - Sunseeker Magazine Editor - Gaggenau Magazine Editor - Unique Magazine Contributing Editor - THE SUN | NEWS UK

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