The Cargo Cover-Up

The Cargo Cover-Up

I work in fashion but I abhor all connotations that I am a ‘fashionista’. In fact – I am rather the reverse. A cursory glance at my small wardrobe repertoire would suffice to say that I’m far more utilitarian in my style signature than on-trend and edgy.

But then you come across certain styles that fulfill both requirements – in that they’re chic, stylish yet utterly functional and practical. Think: a checked shirt, denim jeans, dungarees and cargo jackets.

Who doesn’t own a cargo jacket? If, by chance you’re tentatively now nodding your head then I implore you – head to the high street and purchase one immediately.

In spring summer (and the mild Australian winter) you will never find me out of it. It’s remained a stalwart of fashionistas, editors, influencers and normal un-fashion folks alike. What other garment has that sort of staying power and versatility? Perhaps a striped Breton – which in turn looks great layered underneath – but name me something else?

The key to a cargo jacket is not to spend too much. Don’t do high designer – it’s just not worth it. In the end, it’s crafted from a thick cotton twill and the tailoring is effortless and relaxed – so, please, don’t waste your money with an insistence that unless it’s branded it doesn’t enter your radar.

Rather, cast your eyes on this variation from Hollister. It fulfills all the utilitarian connotations of a classic cargo jacket, but can also be adjusted at the waist to create a more feminine shape.

Additionally, if you’re after a little bit of embellishment, try this one from H&M. It’s on sale (winner) and has a subtle heart and star print emblazoned on the pockets. Naturally, for such a price, don’t expect it to be tailored or fitted in any way – this is very much a throw-on-and-go variety. My advice? Layer a hoodie underneath for weekend ease.

For those whose taste prefer a greater number of zeros attached to their price tag – try this one from Valentino. Personally, I would never spend this much for an off-duty item, but then again, I was a pauper of a student only one year back. Punctuated with Valentino’s iconic studded feature and with a glossy shine finish – this is really the fashionista’s answer to the covetable cargo. Plus, it’s made in Italy, so you can rest assured it’s meticulously crafted.

Catherine McMaster
Editor | Writer | Content Producer Editor - Sunseeker Magazine Editor - Gaggenau Magazine Editor - Unique Magazine Contributing Editor - THE SUN | NEWS UK

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