Our Female Inspirations | Baukjen

Our Female Inspirations | Baukjen
March 8 is International Women’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate and commemorate all the women
out there who continue to fight for change, equality, diversity and fairness.
These women may be in the boardroom, media or at home. We posed the question to some of our team:
‘Which woman inspires you?’ Here’s what they had to say…

Maya Angelou
Millie, Marketing Team 


The woman who inspires me has to be Maya Angelou. Her books and videos are my go to for inspiration. I am inspired by her wisdom and strength and her fascinating life story spanning
many decades and historical events like the civil rights movement.​

Sheryl Sandberg

Allison, Digital Team

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg inspires me a lot these days. I read her book Plan B and decided to start reading Lean In a couple of days ago. I’m amazed by her strength and her ability to share her wisdom with just the right amount of authenticity and scientific research. To me she is a real feminist of the 21st century: direct, non-apologetic for her way of being and full of realistic and actionable advice.​

My Mum

Cathy, Editorial Team


It’s a difficult question, because there are so many women that inspire and have had such a positive impact on me.
Yet, there’s one woman that sticks out: my mum.
Without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Her love, care and support has always been unwavering and absolute. I know I can always rely on her for sound support and advice. She’s really my emotional pillar and prop.

My Nan

Lauren, Marketing Team


The woman that inspires me the most is my Nan. She is 76, a widow of 25 years and absolutely amazing. Whilst my mum was pregnant with me (after many failed pregnancies) she moved back to live with my Nan who waited on her hand and foot, whilst working full time and dealing with
the passing of her late husband a few months prior.
I have always looked up to her for being so strong, supportive and family oriented, to this day she has never let us down.
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