Twenty kilometres southwest of Milan is the small, classic and historically relevant commune of Morimondo.

Easter is a time for family, food, conversation and also exploration. There’s only so much communal eating around the table you can do before you realise: ‘It’s time to get out and walk three days’ worth of pasta and carbs off.’

Ergo, that’s exactly what we did.

Morimonodo isn’t a breathtaking place. It’s not a must-have destination to the unbeknownst tourist, nor is it a town of great celebration and picturesque pursuits.

Rather, it’s defined by it abbey – a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1134 as a daughter house of the Morimomd Abbey near Dijon.

The abbey is pared back and simple, and evidently old. It’s a unique blend of romanesque and gothic architecture and its holiness reverberates from the bare walls. Davide and I bought holy water for 1 euro.

The abbey was not only a place of worship, but also a destination where people came to heal. It’s prowess for herbal medicine was incomparable within the area. Many people came from afar to Morimondo for medicinal reprieve from their ailments.

An afternoon soaking up Morimondo is an afternoon well spent. If you’re ever within the area of Milan – make the trip, it won’t disappoint.


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