Tantalising Venice

Tantalising Venice

I really don’t know how to put Venice into words.

It’s a city that defies all logic: it’s built on water, is apparently sinking and yet is one of the most picturesque cities once could ever visit.

Throngs of tourists visit Venice every day; sadly, to an extent, it is for this reason that the city is uninhabited by natives – it’s too expensive, too busy and too overcrowded for real Venetians to call Venice home.

Yet, there’s a magesticity to Venice, a picturesque untainted and historical beauty that leaves its viewers in raptures.

Small alleyways open up into beautiful piazzas, streets are lined with water; there’s something so magical to see the enormous palazzos’ built on stilts on the grand canal.

For me, Venice is rooted in its history – the fish market is still intact, the palazzos are still full and the age old tradition of Carnivale still occurs.

It’s a must-have place to visit for any wanderluster, and on that note, here are my tips….

  1. Get lost in the labyrinth of streets – it’s the real way to see, appreciate and experience Venice
  2. Visit the neighbouring islands – Burnao and Murano are particularly poignant places. They are a couple of miles off Venice, and are well worth the trip. Small fishing villages that are cemented in tradition, historical and cultural resonance. Murano is known for its glass making, and has been performing this craft for over 500 years. Burano, its neighbour is known for its lace.
  3. Go to the Peggy G museum – she was an eclectic woman and encompasses so much of the Venetian way of life: colourful, outspoken in her day, grandiose and utterly fascinating. Her collection of modern art is also an incredible must-see.
  4. Enjoy an aperol spritz – it’s the pinnacle drink of this city. Whatever you do in Venice, ensure that come 6 o clock you’re enjoying a well deserving, crisp and cool aperol spritz.

Venice, you’ve captured my heat, I can assure it will capture yours.


Catherine McMaster
Editor | Writer | Content Producer Editor - Sunseeker Magazine Editor - Gaggenau Magazine Editor - Unique Magazine Contributing Editor - THE SUN | NEWS UK

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