Charming Cornwall

Charming Cornwall

I had heard glowing reviews about Cornwall. It’s the ‘riviera’ of England (a bold statement), ‘charming’, ‘whimsical’ and utterly removed the frenetic London life.

It was with such a shining report that my partner and I decided that Cornwall was indebted with a visit.

Naturally, we weren’t the only ones with Cornwall fever – we descended on the Bank Holiday Weekend, along with, what it seemed, half of London and the surrounding metropolitan region.

It’s no wonder too. With its expansive and pristine beaches, rolling soft green lofty hills, enigmatic skies and charming post-war towns, Cornwall is for the creative, curious and inquisitive.

It doesn’t the finesse of other European beach capitals. It’s not sleek like Cannes, fashionable like Amalfi or gregarious like Greece.

Rather, there’s a subtly to Cornwall which lends it to the perfect pit stop for retirees, artists, musicians and farmers. Also, for those urbanites in search of a sunny weekend away.

The British coastline, especially on that end is both dramatic and lethargic (if they can be used in the same sentence). Steep cliffs impose on the dwellers below and cast an early afternoon shadow. Some beaches are even only inhabitable at certain times of the day, and as soon as high tide comes you must vacate: for stay too long and you will be swept away.

Yet, there’s also a gentleness to the area. The locals exude an infectious easygoing and effortless charm; stopping to talk and chat to absolute strangers with no ulterior motive, but if only to have a yarn.

Case in point: we were quietly talking one evening, an intimate tet-a-tet. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Whilst there I was stopped by a Cornish native: “I can just say, you look so happy,” she told me in her delightful Cornish yarn.

Striking up a conversation with a perfect stranger and even complementing someone you don’t know; well, that doesn’t seem to happen in London.

We spent a glorious three days in Cornwall. There is so much to see and do, and like so many parts of the UK: every town has its own unique niche which differentiates from the rest.

Cornwall is a must for anyone living in the UK. It’s undeniably charming, gentle and refreshing. It separates itself on so many tiers to the rest of the UK, but still retains a quintessentially British flair.

Don’t leave the UK without visiting Cornwall. And this is a tip for the Aussies: it’s got tremendous surf.


Catherine McMaster
Editor | Writer | Content Producer Editor - Sunseeker Magazine Editor - Gaggenau Magazine Editor - Unique Magazine Contributing Editor - THE SUN | NEWS UK

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