Mallorca by Boat

Mallorca by Boat

Mallorca is an interesting, contradictory place. It’s an island surrounded by azure-blue and crystal water, but offset by ravenous, dry and thirsty mountains. It’s populated by artisanal locals, farm hands and Brits-abroad in search of larger and watered-down, Anglified local culture.

It’s unique, but simultaneously an over-used and tired cliche of a place. Tattered with budget holiday metropolis’, but also boasting a smattering of local villas – naturally, these are all rented out by Brits.

In fact, the British are so preoccupied with Mallorca, there has even talks of a ‘ban’ from local residents in renting out their villas to those residing from the British Isles. A tourist civil war, if you will – but, who will prevail? My money is on the 2.65 million tourists who land in Palma every year.

Thank goodness I was able to quickly depart Palma airport, unsurprisingly swarming with Brits in search of early summer sun, and race to Port Adriano. Here, we picked up a yacht and explored the Med in the only refined way: by boat.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no posh-traveler. Usually, I traipse across mountains and pitch-out on beaches. I take public transport everywhere and forgo restaurants in favour of street food eaten under the stars.

But this was a different kind of trip, and this time, we explored Mallorca by boat.

It was magical. There were no cues or hoards of tourists. Simply, there was the sea and me – there was nothing to impair this picturesque vision and sublime view.

We explored various hidden parts of the island and found ourselves marroned on lonely beaches and eerie caves.

Be prepared: if you travel by boat on any venture, you won’t want to ever do it by land again. The freedom of the ocean is only truly experienced by boat or yacht. And, when it’s coming into the high of summer and Europe subsequently swarming with tourists, there’s really no better way to travel .

This summer – go by boat, if you can. It really is sublime, beautiful and the perfect way to experience and see the Mediterranean.

Catherine McMaster
Editor | Writer | Content Producer Editor - Sunseeker Magazine Editor - Gaggenau Magazine Editor - Unique Magazine Contributing Editor - THE SUN | NEWS UK

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