Holiday in August? Sardinia is your place…

Holiday in August? Sardinia is your place…

Summer in Europe is an effervescently frenetic time. August, when the entirety of Europe (bar the UK, naturally) shut away their computer screens, switch off emails, telephones and take their annual summer pilgrimage, is the most vibrant and saturating month of the European summer calendar.

Travelling in August can be dubious. Too many people, kids and noise. But, it can also be colourful, fun and refreshing. There’s something to be said about communal enjoyment and experience, it’s infectious. And while the late-night partying hubbub of throngs of pubescents, teens and their parents is less than desirable; you’ll find that in August the chances are you’ll be part of this conglomerate, not a disgruntled sleep deprived guest.

Nobody travels in August for peace and quiet. Choose an off-peak month for that. Rather, we go in August out of necessity, but also because it’s the last summer ‘hurrah’ before the onslaught of Autumn, work and the mundane professional custom of the 9-5.

Italy, especially in August, is enshrined in a feverish and frenzied midsummer aura. The bodies are bronzed and glowing, dinner’s at 10, the siesta’s at 3, and the entire country is drunk on summer’s sweet wine.

I’ve made it a custom and habit to travel to Italy in August. Only for a week, but enough time to find myself intoxicated with the Mediterranean summer lifestyle. Nothing is more refreshing, or needed for an individual that works upwards of 40 hours a week in the tumultuous town of London.

And so comes my instalment of Sardinian adventures. We journeyed to the Costa Smeralda in August, a somewhat strange location point seeing as our bank balance barely contains two zeros at the end. It’s the millionaire’s summer haven, and the must-have accessory of the Sardinian season is not the latest albino crocodile Hermes bag, but rather a millionaire dollar yacht. If it’s not a ‘super yacht’, well don’t bother docking on Sardinia’s shores.

Yet, as an outsider looking into a rather consuming microcosm of millionaires there’s something rather refreshing and interesting, and of course it makes for delicious editorial material.

Stay tuned for my salacious Sardinian tales. We are well into September, but the (metaphorical) hangover and memories from August continue….





Catherine McMaster
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  • Bama September 15, 2018 1:08 pm

    The only time I went to Europe (so far) was in July and August back in 2007. It was busy, but I guess now it’s even more so thanks to cheaper airfares and more options on accommodations. Those pristine-looking Sardinian beaches look so appealing! Perfect for rejuvenating a weary body and mind, indeed.

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