Gaggenau craftsmanship: dedicated to excellence since 1683

Gaggenau craftsmanship: dedicated to excellence since 1683

The creation, conception and design of a Gaggenau appliance is a fusion of art and function

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Since 1683, Gaggenau has elevated domestic appliances through its innovative and modern approach to engineering and design.

In the factory in Lipsheim, Gaggenau’s production base, 350 highly skilled workers meticulously craft and build the Gaggenau products. On every other machine there is an assemblage of people feeding in the stainless steel or handcrafting the results. From the conception to the creation, a Gaggenau product passes through many different skilled and capable hands, starting at a grassroots level in Munich to the final
construction in Lipsheim.

Whether it’s the building of the coveted 90cm oven, the intuitive TFT touch displays or the manufacture of a refrigerator, each
process is assembled with care, commitment and dedication.

A unique example is the construction of the TFT touch display. This process is completed inside the clean room, the epicentre of the factory. A few skilled and highly meticulous workers build each TFT display complete with the trademark stainless steel rotary knobs. This is a clear case of the harmonious relationship between technology and artisanal craft in
the construction of a Gaggenau product.

Gaggenau’s commitment to craftsmanship is palpable. Every Gaggenau product has been meticulously designed, tested and manufactured. As the Head of Design, Sven Baacke reiterates: ‘We do things a certain way, not to impress or differentiate, but because that is what is required to achieve perfection.’

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