Modern Monochrome

Fashion London March 2, 2018 0 Comments

Harness the opposing power of black and white. The result? Striking. Stylish. Chic. While we’re inundated with colorful prints, kaleidoscopic hues and richly decorative fabrics, there is an enduring combination that never seems to fade or feel irrelevant: black and white. How to wear it? The discipline of black and white is at its most effective in clean and contemporary…

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A Year in Review

London January 2, 2018 0 Comments

I marked 2017 as the ‘year of me’ – whatever that entailed. Namely, that it was the year of freedom, personal and professional development, growth and experience. Yet, while I embraced every opportunity that came my way, (forgive the pessimism), but I found the year somewhat lacking in growth, experience and opportunity.

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9 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to London

London Travel December 6, 2017 0 Comments

It’s almost become a rite of passage, hasn’t it? Moving to London in your early to mid-20s, in search of opportunities, friends and a glimpse of a watered-down and libated Royal. London, the frenetic hub of entertainment, art, culture, history and comedy. It’s a city that pulsates with life, energy and dynamism. It’s also the seed of ambition. Ambitious writers, actors, musicians, suits and creatives scowl the streets looking for the next opportunity, hoarding the coffee shops and ordering one too many Americanos in digital pursuit. We’re all here, and we’re all vying for that ‘break’.

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